Electronic Prehospital Care Reports

Electronic Medical Records (EMR), including PCR (ePCR)s, are increasingly utilized in the Hudson Valley Region. Currently, more than 50% of PCR information received in our office is reported electronically and the number of agencies adopting EMR is increasing. On this webpage you will find policy information, information for agencies considering electronic medical records, and information for agencies currently submitting electronic records. Agencies using and adopting Electronic Medical Records and electronic PCRs must adhere to: NYS BEMS Policy 12-03, HVREMSCO Electronic PCR Policy, and enter into an Electronic EMS Medical Record and Quality Assurance Memorandum of Understanding.

NYS BEMS Policy 12-03


HVREMSCO Memorandum of Understanding

**Agencies must submit ePCRs to the New York State Bridge no later than the 10th business day of the month following the month in which the PCR is generated**


NEMSIS 3.4.0



The New York State Bridge


The New York State DOH BEMS has contracted with ImageTrend to provide the New York State EMS State Bridge. The NYS EMS Bridge is a web-based comprehensive, collection, analytic, and reporting system for all pre-hospital care data. The NYS EMS Bridge allows agencies to upload PCR data in XML, run preset and on-demand reports, message agency members, manage certifications and member information securely, and provide a secure space for agencies to upload documents and materials for member use. Each agency’s administrators are issued unique usernames and passwords for access to the NYS EMS Bridge with a service administrator service level. All providers are entered, by the agency administrator, as rescue service providers. After three incorrect log in attempts, the system will lock. Please contact the HVREMSCO for a password reset.

NEMSIS Compliance

What is NEMSIS?

NEMSIS is the National Emergency Medical Information System. www.nemsis.org. NEMSIS is the national repository that will be used to store EMS data from every state in the nation. The NEMSIS project was developed to help states collect more standardized elements and eventually submit the data to a national EMS database. These elements are defined by the NEMSIS data dictionary. Certain elements are required by NYS BEMS and additional data elements may be required by the HVREMSCO. The data dictionary with the New York State data set is available by clicking here.

NEMSIS 3 is now the standard. 

While the New York State Department of Health has not set a firm date requiring all e-PCR software vendors to be NEMSIS 3 compliant, the HVREMSCO will not accept any new applications for software vendors that do not have their product in at least NEMSIS 3 testing.

The NEMSIS website can be accessed here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our agency wants to go electronic… Now What?

1. Contact the HVREMSCO to obtain access for the agency administrator(s) to the New York State Bridge

2. Select a vendor and notify the HVREMSCO in writing of the agencies intent to move to electronic PCRs. This may be e-mailed to qaqi@hvremsco.org.

3. Follow the HVREMSCO Electronic PCR Policy and 12-03. PLEASE NOTE: The requirements under each section must be provided to the HVREMSCO PRIOR to endorsement by the HVREMSCO.

4. Complete the Electronic EMS Medical Record and Quality Assurance Memorandum of Understanding. PLEASE NOTE: The agency responsibilities to the HVREMSCO include the provision of HVREMSCO access for limited research studies.

5. Enter all staff and/or volunteers providing patient care at the agency into the New York State Bridge.

6. NYS BEMS must be notified in writing of the agency’s intent to use electronic records pursuant to NYS BEMS Policy 12-03. NYS BEMS Policy 12-03 is available at the link at the top of this page.

Which Vendors are currently used by agencies in the HVREMSCO region?

We have had successful implementations with the following:  EMS Charts®, ESO Solutions®, ImageTrend®, and Zoll®  Before choosing a different vendor, contact the Region, we do not endorse all vendors.

There are so many options for vendors out there; how do we choose?

There are several factors which an agency should consider prior to selecting a vendor. Please contact the HVREMSCO office with any questions.

Our agency captain/director/tech guru is unavailable and our system crashed; who do we call?

First, follow appropriate agency policy.  Please note: when systems fail the HVREMSCO must be notified of the date, time, and type of failures.