2016 Annual EMS Awards

Each year, the Hudson Valley Regional Emergency Medical Services Council is
proud to recognize the outstanding members of our EMS community.
To be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the EMS community,
recipients of the Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council awards MUST first be
nominated by their respective County EMS Council. Each Hudson Valley
Regional EMS Council award winner will be the Hudson Valley Regional nominee
for the New York State Emergency Medical Services Council award in their
respective awards category.
The Categories and Criteria for the awards as well as the fill-able application can
be found here: 2016 Awards Packet
Please take the time to nominate someone that deserves to be recognized and
honored for their dedication, responsibility, ingenuity, skill and insight
demonstrated within the EMS community. All nominations must be sent to
your County Council for consideration. County councils must submit their
award winners to the Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council’s Awards Committee
no later than 3PM, on Friday, April 8, 2016.
Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the Hudson Valley EMS
community and nominate the outstanding EMS professionals that deserve both
the honor and the recognition for a job superbly done!
Please contact the Hudson Valley Regional EMS office with any questions in this