NYS Bureau of EMS & Trauma Services
3 Year EMS Continuing Medical Education (CME) Recertification Program Manual (PDF)
Department of Health Forms Commonly Used by EMS Providers
Quality Improvement Manual (2023)
State-wide (Collaborative) BLS Protocols
ALS Collaborative Protocols
BLS Adjuncts
BLS Glucometry Application
BLS IN Narcan Application
IN Narcan Report
BLS Albuterol Application
BLS 12-Lead Application
BLS CPAP Application
BLS CPAP CIC Agreement
Med Control Forms
Agency Medical Director
Physician MAC Application
Air Medical Services Guidelines
AMS Incident Report
Misc Forms
Advanced Airway Placement Form
Drug Shortage Use Form
Physician Release Form
Extreme Weather Operations
Medical Control Plan
MC/PC Forms
CME Attendance Form
MC/PC Hours Verification Form
MC/PC Request Form
Planning Med Control Presentations
RSI Overview
Program Participation Agreement
RSI Instructor Audit Form
RSI Credentials Request Form
RSI Policy
Agency RSI Workbook
Agency Forms
Fillable Agency Affiliation Form
Fillable Agency Revocation Form
Fillable Credentialing Renewal Application
Awards Application
Awards Criteria
CIU Application
CLI Class
CLI Skills Verification
CIC Class
REMAC Advisories
2023 Formulary Substitutions
Radio Report Format (MIST)
Termination of Resuscitation
Pulse Oximetry
Hemostatic Devices
Respiratory Best Practices for COVID19
Cardiac Arrest Pandemic Triage Protocol
2021 HIPAA Advisory
S-LAMS Advisory
Psychiatric Patient Destination
Hudson Valley TXA Advisory
Minimum Equipment List
If Trained and Equipped Advisory