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Regional Credentialing and CME Policies and Procedures
Medical Control Shadow Program
Quality Improvement Guidelines
Medical Control Plan
ALS Request Memorandum
Instructor Courses Policy Manual

REMAC Advisories

Lasix February, 2002
Valium March ,2002
AEMTs Drawing Blood at the request of a Police officer September, 2002
Solumedrol January, 2003
Biphasic Defibrillation January, 2003
Mark I Use

February, 2003

Syrup of Ipecac Use

June, 2003

Physician Assistant Medical Control Credentials

June, 2003

EMS/Emergency Department Communications

October, 2003

BLS Nebulized Albuterol Protocol

November, 2003

Assisted Medication Administration

March, 2004

BLS Nebulized Albuterol Program Memorandum

March, 2004

Patient Care Documentation

July, 2004

Revised NY State Adult Major Trauma Protocol

July, 2004

ALS System Coordination

July, 2004

ALS Resource Utilization

November, 2004

Medical Control Authorization

June, 2005

Emergency Patient Destination

September, 2006

Rapid Sequence Intubation

September, 2006

Aspirin Administration

March, 2007

Adult Intraosseous

May, 2007

Hemostatic Agents

November, 2007

Intranasal Medication Administration

September, 2008

Stroke Center designation

Updated November, 2010

Diazepam Shortage

July, 2012

Communications Failure

July, 2012

Criteria for Requesting Direct Pickup of Patients by Helicopter

October, 2012



Change of Primary Agency Affiliation

December, 2012

Agency Revocation of Affiliation

December, 2012

Agency Revocation of Affiliation (Fill-in)

December, 2012

ALS Recertification Form

December, 2012

Continuing Education Verification Form

December, 2012

CME Request Form

December, 2012

CME Attendance Roster Form

December, 2012

PAD Packet

December, 2012

PAD Notice of Intent Original/Update

December, 2012

PAD Report Card

December, 2012

Agency: Pharmaceutical Stock Form

March, 2013


Presentations & Public Meetings

HVREMAC March 4, 2013

March, 2013

HVREMAC January 7, 2013 (Video Only)

January, 2013

HVREMSCO May 22, 2013

May, 2013

HVREMSCO March 27, 2013

March, 2013