REMAC & HVREMSCO Council Officers & Minutes

The Hudson Valley Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC) serves as a standing committee of, and under the authority of, the Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council in accordance with Article 30 of the NY State Public Health Law. The REMAC is responsible for developing policies, procedures, and triage, treatment, and transport protocols which are consistent with the standards of the NY State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) and which address specific local conditions. The REMAC also approves physicians to provide on line medical control, coordinates the development of the regional medical control system, and participates in quality improvement activities addressing system-wide concerns. The REMAC has formulated the Regional Medical Control Plan in order to ensure the continuity of high quality pre-hospital emergency medical care throughout the Hudson Valley Region and has established credentialing and continuing medical education policies and procedures for all advanced life support providers and medical control physicians. The Regional EMS Council appoints a Medical Director who is responsible for the overall coordination and operation of the REMAC. In addition to the Medical Director, the REMAC is comprised of appointed Physician Emergency Department Director delegates from each of the Medical Control Hospitals in the Region. The REMAC nominates, on an annual basis, to the Regional EMS Council, for the Council’s consideration and approval, a physician to serve as REMAC Chairperson.

2014 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 16 January Read
REMAC 3 March Read
REMSCO 19 March Read
REMSCO 14 May Read
REMAC 2 June Read
REMAC 8 September Read
REMSCO 22 October Read
REMAC 3 November Read
REMSCO 10 December (Cancelled) Read

2015 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 5 January Read
REMSCO 4 February Read
REMAC 2 March Read
REMSCO 27 May Read
REMAC 1 June Read
REMSCO 9 September Read
REMAC 21 September Read
REMAC 2 November Read
REMSCO 16 December Watch Read

2016 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 4 January Watch Read
REMSCO 17 February Watch Read
REMAC 7 March Watch Read
REMSCO 18 May Watch Read
REMAC 6 June Watch Read
REMAC 12 September Watch Read
REMSCO 21 September Watch Read
REMAC 7 November Watch Read
REMSCO 21 December Watch Read

2017 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 9 January Watch Read
REMAC 6 March Watch Read
REMAC 5 June Watch Read
REMAC 18 September Watch Read
REMAC 6 November Watch Read
 REMSCO 15 February Watch  Read
 REMSCO 17 May  Watch  Read
 REMSCO 27 September  Watch  Read
 REMSCO 29 November  Watch  Read


2018 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 8 January Watch Read
REMAC 5 March Watch Read
REMAC 4 June Watch Read
REMSCO 22 August Watch Read
REMAC 1 October Watch Read
REMAC 19 November Watch Read
REMSCO 21 February Watch  Read
 REMSCO 31 May Watch Read
REMSCO  26 September  Watch  Read
REMSCO  28 November  Watch  Read

2019 Meetings

Meeting Date Video Minutes
REMAC 28 January – 0930 Watch Read
REMAC 4 March – 0930 Watch Read
REMAC 3 June – 0930 Watch Read
REMAC 9 September – 0930 Watch Read
REMAC 4 November – 0930 Watch Read
REMSCO 13 March – 1900 Watch Read
REMSCO 15 May – 1900 Watch Read
REMSCO 18 September – 1900 Watch Read
REMSCO 20 November – 1900 Watch Read






REMAC Physicians

Representative Affiliation Representative Affiliation
Dr. Mark Papish HVREMSCO Dr. Jeffrey Rabrich Nyack Hospital
Dr. Pamela Murphy HVREMAC Chair Dr. Vohra Orange Regional Medical Center
Dr.  Faizan Arshad Chair – Evaluation Subcommittee  Dr. Andrew Butterfass  Putnam Hospital Center
Chair – Helicopter Subcommittee  Dr. R. Dittmeier  St. Anthony Community Hospital
Dr. Craig VanRoekens Bon Secours  Dr. Mark Papish  MidHudson Regional Hospital
Dr. Carlos Holden Catskill Regional Medical Center  Dr. Scott Hill  St. Lukes – Newburgh
Dr. Dennis Mao Good Samaritan Hospital Dr. Gene Chin  Sharon Hospital
Dr. Ron Nutovits Hudson Valley Hospital Center  Dr. Eric Larsen  Westchester REMAC Liaison
Dr. Fareed Fareed Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley  Dr. J. Berkowitz  Westchester Medical Center
Dr. A. Wilson Northern Dutchess Hospital  Dr. Faizan Arshad  Vassar Brothers Medical Center


Regional Council

Office Name e-Mail
President Richard Parrish
Vice President Robert Cuomo
Treasurer Nicholas Rusiecki
Secretary Nick Trio
Medical Director Dr. M. Papish
REMAC Chair Dr. Pamela Murphy
State EMS Council Representative Kim Lippes
Public Education and Information Committee Chair Desiree Leone
Training Committee Chair David Violante
Legislative & By-Laws Committee Chair Albee Bockman
Transportation Committee Chair Glenn Albin
Policies & Procedures Committee Chair Greg Tavormina


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