PCR’s & e-PCR’s

Oversight of the distribution and tracking of Prehospital Care Reports (PCRs) to and from EMS agencies comprises a large part of the deliverables required of all the Regional Program Agencies in NYS.All Hudson Valley Regional EMS agencies should:

  • Order PCR’s from the Hudson Valley Regional EMS Office.
  • Ensure the return of PCR’s completed to the Hudson Valley Regional EMS Office by the 20th of each month.

Prehospital Care Reports and Continuation Forms can also be picked up at:

Hudson Valley Regional EMS Council
33 Airport Center Drive, Suite 204
New Windsor, NY 12553

Before release of PCRs, or Continuation Forms, a PCR Distribution Tracking Form will be completed and signed by the requesting person. PCRs will be shipped upon receipt of the on-line order form.

Completed PCRs and Continuation Forms from ambulance and ALSFR agencies are to be submitted to the Regional EMS Office by the 20th of the month following the month of the call. Agencies with larger call volumes may forward PCRs more frequently throughout the month.  Agencies are responsible for the storage and security of their completed PCRs and Continuation Forms.

The EMS Office receives, on average, several thousand PCRs per month. The staff asks that all agencies neatly group together the PCRs by date of month in packets of 100 to help speed the processing.

Completed PCRs should be mailed in an envelope, appropriately sized to a PCR form, unfolded. The package should be marked “PCRs”.

For a copy of the Hudson Valley Regional EMS PCR Policies and Procedures, please click here.

For a copy of the Hudson Valley Regional Electronic PCR Policies and Procedures, please click here.

NYS DOH Bureau of EMS Policy Statement 03-03 “Instructions for completing a Version 5, NYS PCR”.


Per NYS DOH EMS Bureau policy, any corrections made to a PCR after it’s submission should be in a different color ink, dated and marked with the initials of the person who supplied the information

If there are any questions regarding the materials provided or if your agency needs more PCRs, please contact the EMS Office at (845) 245-4292 or at admin@hvremsco.org or submit an order below.   If you have not receive your order within five (5) business days, please call us!

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